Monday, July 19, 2010

Johnston Farm Life on an Indian Agency

Our July event has come and gone.  Everyone attending seemed to have a great time, and with nearly twice as many visitors as last year, that was a lot of fun! 

Nearly two hundred years ago John Johnston's Ohio farm  became an Indian Agency for the Shawnee Indians.  It was unique in Ohio then and still is today.  John Johnston was known as a friend of Native Americans and spent his time and money supporting, supplying and providing a sancutary to Indians.

This years focus was on the early years of the agency, established in 1812. Grandma Johnston, John Johnston's mother, made an appearance, speaking about her life as a single mother on the frontier.

Jim Johnson was on hand representing Johnston's native friends, and he brought many a smile to both children and adults alike with his talents and generosity. 

As usual our talented volunteers were also on hand to show all of the various chores and tasks it took to keep such a busy, active and important agency working smoothly.

 In other words, a great time was had by all!