Saturday, November 2, 2013

See what you missed in 2013?

Images from our August, September and October events!  Lots happening.  Be sure to check out our 2014 Happenings for the new season's events so you are sure to join in the fun!

Images showcase some of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers.  Thanks so much!

Bekah Akins and Kelsey Shepherd

Leah Frazier with Bekah

Chris Carrol and Chandler

John Heater

Leslise and Harmony Arendt

Tim Mann and Maven

Jennifer  McConkey

Carol and Jim Hess

Johnston descendant, Julia Patterson Chesire

Thanks to all of our other volunteers not shown as well!  Jean Wilhelm, Nancy Weatherhed, Mary Beth Aust-Keefer, the Arendt sisters, Rachel McConkey and everyone else I forgot! 

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